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Experience the radiance of fine wines with Cellar Craft Sterling. With a polished combination of grape juice and concentrates, Sterling finds the shine of popular varietals from across the globe, giving you a premium wine in as little as 5 weeks.
Cellar Craft revolutionized the world of craft wine by introducing grape skins into its reds, making the craft experience - from process to tast - truer to traditional winemaking methods and, most importantly, truer to varietal style.


Amarone Style
Alcohol: 12.5%   Body: Full
A robust wine with an earthy aroma backed by notes of spice and vanilla. Flavours of black cherry, figs and oak, firm tannins and well-rounded mouth feel and lingering finish. This wine can be sipped or can take on your most robust foods like game, sticky ribs, rich pasta or blue cheese.

Alcohol: 12.0%   Body: Med
A medium-bodied wine with unique complexity and character. Deep crimson colour. Fruity aromatics dominated by raspberry and blackberry with light spicy notes and a suggestion of vanilla. Well-rounded mouth feel. Flavours of black fruit and a nice finish. This wine should batch well with a wide variety of hearty foods - Italian pasta with tomatoes, eggplant, chicken or red meats.

Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Alcohol: 12.5%   Body: Full
This California Cab delivers a characteristically firm-tannin wine with loads of black fruit character made more interesting by the vanilla notes from the oak. The aromatics suggest blackberry and black currant. Flavour is centered around red and black currants which remain evident through the nice finish. This is a wine to serve with beef or lamb.

Grenache Syrah Mouvedre
Alcohol: 11.5%   Body: Full
Bright fruit and violet aromas define the nose. Blackberry, black cherry, fig, cocoa and licorice flavours intermingle on the palate. The finish lingers with more fruit, herbs and a suggestion of spice. Pairs well with chicken, pork and roasted vegetable dishes. Stands up well to grilled or roasted beef.

Alcohol: 12.0%   Body: Full
Plum and raspberry flavours and aromas introduce the wine with chocolate notes. THe finish shows fruit and introduces mineral tones against bright acidity. A favourite for barbeque beef and spicy sauces.

Malbec Shiraz, California
Alcohol: 12.5%   Body: Med-Full
The finished medium-bodied wine is bright red with purple hues and is inflected with juicy red and black fruit notes, subtle spice (black pepper) and an inviting vanilla accent. The flavours are in fine balance with the natural fruit acids and soft tannins, making a very pleasant and quaffable red. It matches well with a wide variety of foods. Always at home with beef, pork, chicken from the BBQ, pastas and pizza.

Merlot, California
Alcohol: 12.0%   Body: Med-Full
The wine releases aromas of raspberry and cherry and a subtle toasted note followed by flavours of raspberry and strawberry. Gentle tannins and well-integrated oak contribute structure to the fruit-driven profile without being too aggressive. This soft red pairs with red meats and will work well with roast chicken.

Pinot Noir, California
Alcohol: 12.0%   Body: Med
A bright and fruity wine. Expect to enjoy lively black cherry and cranberry aromas and flavours against subtle spice and almond in the background. The soft, light to medium-bodied wine may be lightly chilled and enjoyed as an aperitif or serve with chicken, pork or simple beef dishes.

Syrah, California
Alcohol: 12.5%   Body: Full
A complex wine which reveals notes of red currant, black pepper, vanilla and toast - all wrapped together in a slightly early manner. Gentle tannins guide the wine through a nice finish. A great wine for hearty barbequed meats.


Chardonnay, California
Alcohol: 12.5%   Body: Med-Full
Grapefruit, green apple and pear aromatics dominate the nose. The medium body is clean and crisp with flavours of green apple and citrus which continue through the wonderful finish. Serve lightly chilled on its own or with seafood, chicken, pork or vegetable dishes.


Johannisberg Riesling, California
Alcohol: 12.5%   Body: Med
California Johannisberg Riesling is lighter and less exuberant but still reflects the bright citrus and ripe fruit character that makes Riesling one of the more versatile white wines. Fruity notes with an off-dry impression. Serve as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to most foods. Works especially well with Asian dishes, fish, pork and chicken. Serve lightly chilled.



Pinot Grigio, California
Alcohol: 12.5%   Body: Med-Full
The nose has a pronounced, refreshing citrus character with a back note of juicy peach. The mouth-feel is crisp with citrus qualities and the overall sensation delightfully lingers through a good finish. Serve lightly chilled as an aperitif or with light chicken, fish or pork dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc, California
Alcohol: 12.5%   Body: Med
Fresh, crisp, medium-bodied wine with restrained aromas of gooseberry and lime followed by refreshing light flavours of fruit and a bracing core. An excellent wine for social sipping, with appetizers, chicken and fish. A classic pairing with soft goat cheese.


For something special after a great meal or simply as a luxurious indulgence, try one of our delectable specialty wines. Our specialty wine kits contain 12 litres of full strenghth must and produce 12 litres of finished wine in 6 weeks. You add no water!

Black Current Dessert Wine
Alcohol: 16.0%   Body: Full   Sweetness: 10
Classic Ruby Port infused wiht flavourful black currant. Intense, rich and savory. Enjoy after 2 or 3 weeks aging.

Cabernet Franc Ice Wine Style
Alcohol: 11.0%   Body: Full   Sweetness: 10
A wonderful taste sensation! Sweet strawberries on the nose and packed full of jammy red fruit on the palate. Offers a rich, lingering finish.

Dessert Wine
Alcohol: 17.5%   Body: Full   Sweetness: 10
This wine is made from a blend of several grape varieties. Intense fruit character and depth of flavour at bottling.

Riesling Ice Wine Style
Alcohol: 13.0%   Body: Full   Sweetness: 10
Intensely complex aromatics and flavours as well as a rich, lingering finish. The sensory impact is reminiscent of wines made from frozen grapes. Peach, apricot and honey notes stand out on both the nose and the palate. The wine can be enjoyed young or cellared for several months for extra depth and a moreharmonious sensory impression. Chill lightly, serve in a snifter and lose yourself in the heady perfume. Pairs well with ripe fruit and the richest of desserts.





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